Blisoft has a workforce that's open to change and the constant transformation that clients demand. Creative, innovators, focused, versatile and teamwork-oriented; are some values of every person in Blisoft.

  • We work on a creative focus, open to change and thinking outside of the box, assuming and completing new challenges.
  • Commited and with a positive attitude when facing new projects.
  • We count on highly qualified human beings to maintain our competitiveness and achieve goals in a short amount of time. We are ingenious and know how to take adventage of the tools we have at our disposal.
  • We love and enjoy what we do. We take pride in the final product. This passion is reflected in our client's high satisfaction.
  • We plan, analize and research every situation in every task, which allows us to have a wider vision of the project and makes us more effective and efficient.
  • Every project leaves us new teachings and experiencies, which enriches our knowledge.

Nuestro Equipo

Andres Londoño: Co-founder. Dynamics AX Technical Architect. Development Leader
Diego Taquez: Development Manager
Lucas Vera: Dynamics AX Developer. Mobile Developer
Marcela Colorado: Dynamics AX Developer. Requirements Analyst.
Amilbia Betancur: Co-founder. Commercial Leader